Tuesday, May 10, 2011

P.Y.S.K: People You Should Know- Dai Burger

image via burgerboobz.tumblr.com 
I'd like to introduce all yall to Dai Burger. She's a dope artist with a style that is all types o' lettuce and tomato FRESH to match. This girl just does not give a fuck, and that's what makes her #SMApproved. She's done work with Patricia Field (infamous Sex in the City stylist) and as according to her fans, she runs NY. Definitely someone you want to keep your eyes and ears out on.  P.S-It would be so cool if she had some Sugar Mafia gear!!!!...Stay Dope Dai! 
Connect with her @DaiBurger and on her blog  burgerboobz.tumblr.com  

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